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  • Safety Comes First

    In order to maintain the safety standards desired by our company, it is necessary to actively pursue an accident prevention program through all levels of our company; from top management to all employees. Health and safety are functional responsibilities of each supervisor. Heath and safety are of vital interest to everyone in the company; each level of our organization is accountable for safe performance. Compliance with this program and safety and health rules is taken very seriously. It is our responsibility to provide our customer with quality and safety conscious workers on the jobsite.

    In order to achieve these standards, we perform various safety meetings, unannounced onsite safety audits, and shop inspections. We are also upgrading our equipment to ensure we have the best equipment available to our employees and clients. Our Safety Personnel continue to attend seminars and client safety meetings to help us recognize new regulations and client requirements to ensure we stay in compliance with local, state, and federal laws as well as new policies developed by our clients.

    Yours in Safety,

    Wyoming Casing Safety Department

    Drug Testing Policy

    Wyoming Casing Service has implemented one of the industry’s most rigorous drug testing programs, and will continue to work to provide our customers with a drug-free workforce.  In pursuit of this policy, Wyoming Casing will test each and all employees for illegal, controlled, dangerous and narcotic substances.  These drugs will be sampled via a urine sample and/or hair follicle.  Types of tests under this policy include the following:  Pre-employment, Post-Accident/Incident, Reasonable Suspicion, Random, Return to Duty, Follow-Up, Owner Initiated (wall to wall testing), Department Transfer/Reassignment and Crew Random testing.